Our society is probably facing one of its greatest transitions in history. This transition mainly present itself as a threat, bcurrently in the form of climate change. How do we meet this transition? Many react with fear and we see outbursts of this fear in violence and narrow minded socail movements.

Is there another way to face this transition? How can we bring back a sense of hope and how do we make the best of our combined abilities?

A way to do this is by finding the elements in our present society that could belong to a future that looks brighter. I have chosen to call this future "the Golden Age"

Humanity is moving from a state of adolescence to a state of maturity. This means that the societal body does not need to grow any longer. The focus must therefore shift from economic growth to the development of consciousness.


Imagine that there is a bright future awaiting us somewhere. Imagine that it would be possible to contact this future, just imagine!

Now, let us say that you can imagine this future and make the contact, ask how we can get there from our present state of the world.

This is very different from looking at where we are and trying to reach into the future from there. We limit ourselves by focusing on the obstacles. Remember that we also know very little of the present state of the world. We think we know what the world looks like, but the image we receive from our present media can be very misleading. If fantastic developments were happening across the globe, our media would probably report on a car accident in faraway country....